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Lego-like Xbox 360 building kit costs more than double a second-hand Xbox 360

Mattel is launching a cute Xbox 360 block building kit – but its price tag is more than double what you’d spend on an actual Xbox 360.

The 1342-piece set is part of the Mega range (think Mega Blocks, or fake Lego), and lets you build a classic white Xbox 360 and controller at 3:4 scale.

It looks good – but the price is off-putting. The official RRP

is £177.99, although we’ve spotted it being sold online elsewhere for slightly less (Smyths Toys has it for £150).

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Either way, this is way more than you’d expect to pay for a proper Xbox 360 – one you can actually play games on. Microsoft no longer sells its old console new, of course, but over at CEX you can pick up the same model as the Mega kit for around £55.

If you’re still keen, the Mega Microsoft Xbox 360 Video Game Console Building Set goes on sale here in the UK on 15th April, after previously having been sold in the US.

Mattel's Mega Xbox 360 building kit, including console, controller and Halo 3 case.

Mattel's Mega Xbox 360 building kit, including console, controller and Halo 3 case.

Image credit: Mattel

The model features a scale model of a copy of Xbox 360 classic Halo 3, plus working lights – hopefully there’s enough spare pieces that you can change them all to red?

Xbox 360 originally launched in 2005, and went on to sell 84m consoles worldwide. Eurogamer previously rounded up the top 10 best Xbox 360 games – see how many you agree with.


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