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Final Fantasy 16 crossover event appears to hint at Final Fantasy 14’s graphics update

The Final Fantasy 16 crossover quest is now live in Final Fantasy 14 and appears to give a look at how the forthcoming 7.0 graphics update will look.

The quest features FF16 protagonist Clive and is a must-play for dog fans as rewards include both a Torgal mount and puppy Torgal minion.

Yet fans have also noticed how detailed the Clive character model is, ahead of the graphics update with improved lighting and textures that’s due to hit alongside next expansion Dawntrail.

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Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail Full TrailerWatch on YouTube

The crossover event was announced at the Fan Fest event in London last year, alongside the reveal of the new Viper Job coming to Dawntrail.

To start the questline, you’ll need to have finished A Realm Reborn and be level 50. Then speak to the Neophyte Adventurer in Ul’Dah to begin.

Eventually you’ll meet Clive and it’s immediately apparent his character model is a step up from others. The detail on the hair and armour is sharper and more complex than other characters.

Clive from Final Fantasy 16 in Final Fantasy 14 with glowing yellow light behind him

Image credit: Square Enix / Eurogamer

It’s obviously busy at the moment and therefore tricky to get a standalone screenshot of Clive outside of cutscenes, so here’s a random person photobombing my shot. Still, it gives an opportunity to compare.

Screenshot of Final Fantasy 14 with UI and Clive from Final Fantasy 16 next to random elven player
Image credit: Square Enix / Eurogamer

Many online are impressed with the character model, even if it doesn’t live up to the original in Final Fantasy 16.

And, of course, the thirst is real.

Clive himself has also given some clear advice.

The crossover event, The Path Infernal, is a limited time quest that ends on 8th May.

Dawntrail, meanwhile, launches on 2nd July with early access available a week beforehand.

Final Fantasy 14 is also now available on Xbox.


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