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Paranormal Activity game on the way from The Mortuary Assistant developer

Paranormal Activity – the found-footage horror series that’s spawned seven movies since its debut instalment blew up the box office in 2009 – is being turned into a game by The Mortuary Assistant developer DarkStone Digital horror and renowned indie horror publisher DreadXP.


DreadXP’s newly announced Paranormal Activity project, which follows the launch of last year’s VR-focused Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul from VRWERX, is being made in conjunction with Paramount Game Studios and promises to “bring the franchise’s groundbreaking found-footage style to horror enthusiasts in surprising new ways”.

Specifics are limited at this seemingly early juncture, but DarkStone Digital (AKA solo developer Brian Clarke, who’s also co-director and creative director of DreadXP) makes mention of a dynamic “haunt system” in the new Paranormal Activity game’s press release, said to alter the types and intensity of scares tplayers encounter based on their actions.

Paranormal Activity: Found Footage – Reveal Teaser

Paranormal Activity: Found Footage game reveal teaser.

There’s also promise of a story that’ll expand on the lore and world of the Paranormal Activity films when the game launches for currently unspecified platforms sometime in 2026. More details on the project will be shared at a “later date”.

DreadXP is perhaps best known for its celebrated Dread X Collection anthology series, each instalment gathering together a selection of largely retro-inspired horror experiences build by a range of indie developers over a limited time period to fit a chosen theme. Other games on the publisher’s slate include promising retro-styled open-world fantasy RPG Dread Delusion, which is currently in early access, ludicrous FMV-inspired dungeon crawling wizard adventure Hand of Doom, and a project based on the Creepshow TV series, due later this year.


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