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After Super Mario Movie stars suggest Danny DeVito as Wario, the Always Sunny actor gives the perfect money-grabbing response

Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito has been asked whether he’d take on the role of Wario in a Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel, after having been suggested for the role by Luigi voice actor Charlie Day and Mario performer Chris Pratt.

Day, who co-stars with DeVito in Always Sunny in Philadelphia, previously told Digital Spy he wanted the actor to take on the role of Mario’s moustache-twirling, nose-picking nemesis in a future film.


Now, DeVito has been asked whether he’d accept the offer and, seemingly unwittingly, has replied with the perfect money-grabbing Wario response.

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“I’m going to take them to the cleaners,” DeVito told YouTube channel TheMovieDweeb – which sounds pretty similar to something the loot-loving Wario would say. “But I should be in the movie.”

“You never know what happens in the world,” DeVito said when asked about taking on the Wario role in future. “I’m up for a lot of things. I’m up for – I’m ready to do a lot of things. Whatever’s coming, I look at, I see, I evaluate.”

Will we see Wario make his big screen debut in the next Super Mario Bros. Movie, set to arrive in cinemas in 2026?

Nintendo is, so far, keeping the plot and main characters of the next Mario movie under-wraps, though we’ve already donned our plumber’s thinking cap and overalls to speculate where the Super Mario Bros. series might go next.


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