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Palworld developer signs Sony deal to expand franchise beyond video games

The maker of Pokémon-like monster fighter Palworld has founded a new company, Palworld Entertainment, designed to “accelerate the multifaceted global development” of the game and the brand’s further expansion.

Palworld Entertainment is a joint venture with investment from the game’s developer Pocketpair and Sony, through its Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex brands.

The latter will stock new Palworld merchandise via Aniplex Online – which should be good news for anyone wanting plush toy versions of their Pals.


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Here’s a Palworld trailer.Watch on YouTube

Pocketpair’s choice of business partner here to expand the Palworld brand is somewhat ironic, seeing as Palworld launched as an Xbox console exclusive via Game Pass.

That said, Palworld fans believe a PlayStation release is on the cards following a tease last month by the game’s community manager, which appeared to hint at the game arriving on Sony platforms in future.

Last month saw the arrival of Palworld’s major Sakurajima update, which added a new island and dedicated Xbox servers.

Palworld launched to an enormous 25 million players back in February, many of whom were drawn in by the game’s close comparisons to the Nintendo-exclusive Pokémon. (There’s no suggestion Palworld is set to arrive on Switch anytime soon.)

Still, Pokémon never followed up on Palworld legal threat, Pocketpair has now said.


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