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Pilgrims review – “A quirky adventure game that lets you flex your creativity”

  • Puzzles have multiple solutions
  • Please characters to add them to your party
  • Whimsical hand-drawn aesthetic

After losing everything in a poker game, you find yourself, the poorest of pilgrims, living in a tent deep in the woods. But you’re not about to give up yet; you’re sure you can better your fortune if only you can make some deals with the local townsfolk. Of course, you’ll have to puzzle out their requests as everyone in Pilgrims talks gibberish.

Pilgrims: A Whimsical World

Pilgrims is a simplistic mobile adventure title in which you explore a whimsical hand-drawn world. You start as a lonesome pilgrim sporting a cowboy hat and a thick black mustache. However, as you play, you can win over new friends who will join you on your adventure.

The game is divided into scenes that you can travel between by choosing a destination on the map. You’ll watch miniatures of your current party flitting across the map. When you tap a scene that you can enter, the destination flag will turn orange. Some scenes aren’t as easy to spot on the map as others, so be sure to tap various spots to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The pilgrim walking along a path towards some boulders.

Pilgrims Lets You Collect New Party Members

Different characters are equipped to complete different tasks. Granny is able to garner more sympathy from the shopkeeper than your mother characters while the Rogue can complete feats of strength.Therefore, adding them to your party is essential to progressing through the game. Each member of your party is represented as a card at the bottom of the screen, as are all the items in your inventory. To choose a character object to add to the current scene, select its card and drag it upward.

As you play, you’ll want to collect any item you can as everything you collect can be used to solve one puzzle or another. Refreshingly, there are multiple ways to solve puzzles and move through the game, so you can really get creative and play your own way. This charming adventure title also features entirely hand-drawn graphics that lend it a novel aesthetic.

The game also features 45 achievements to unlock. It’s unlikely that you’ll unlock them all in one playthrough. Considering this, coupled with the fact you can complete quests in multiple ways, Pilgrims is one game you’ll want to play through at least twice.

 Achievement cards for feeding the rogue and befriending Granny with a locked achievement card in between them.

We Don’t Talk About Pilgrims

One thing that’s really interesting about this title is that there is no verbal communication other than the gibberish the characters speak. Instead of being told exactly what to do, you’ll need to infer it from the images that appear in the chat bubbles above characters’ heads.

Of course, you’ll also need to figure out a way to get characters what they want. For instance, the old woman is not willing to give up her broom, but perhaps you can distract her. The king wants you to slay a nearby dragon, but the dragon has another more heartwarming request.

Pilgrims: An Enticing Adventure

Pilgrims is an enchantingly creative adventure game that lets you solve puzzles your own way. Featuring whimsical hand-drawn graphics and tons of challenges with multiple solutions, Pilgrims is definitely worth playing through more than once. You’ll meet interesting characters and think outside the box to get them what they want. The rogue talking to the king and the princess. A speech bubble shows the king giving the rogue his crown.

Further, with adorable animations and character reactions to using the wrong items, this stellar game encourages trial and error. Whether you’re stirring up dust with your broom or trying to hold onto a slippery worm, you’ll enjoy seeing how various characters react to your actions. If you adore adventure games with a good bit of humour, you should definitely immerse yourself in Pilgrims.


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