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Electronic Arts trademarks “Neon Fox”

Electronic Arts has filed a trademark application for the words Neon Fox.

Filed just Friday, 1st December, the trademark application has been filed in numerous categories, including one for computer game software and online entertainment – which means some think this may be a new game – and another in the category “video game development services”, which has others opining that it may be the name of a brand-new studio.

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“Personally, I think it’s a new studio,” said professional leaker and rumourist, Kurakasis. “EA studio trademarks are filed with IC 042: Design and development of interactive, computer, video… unlike games. I think it’s going to be announced pretty soon.


“Some interesting facts: In 2021, EA registered another trademark with ‘NEON’ called NEON BLACK STUDIOS, sparking speculation about whether it was the name for a new Seattle studio led by Kevin Stephens,” Kurakasis continues.

“The studio’s name wasn’t revealed until 2023 when it became Cliffhanger Games, and it was disclosed that they are working on a game based on Marvel’s Black Panther. The Neon Black Studios trademark was abandoned in 2022, one year before EA announced the name for Kevin Stephens’ studio.

“This could lead to speculation about whether Cliffhanger Games was initially planned to be called Neon Black Studios.

“Are both trademarks related to each other? Probably not, but who knows.”

Either way, I doubt we’ll have to wait long for confirmation. Lodging the trademark application just days before The Game Awards could mean we’ll find out more later this week. As always, we’ll keep you posted and update you just as soon as we know more.

Yesterday, we learned that EA has “opened up” its accessibility tools and technology for “wider use to help gamers”.

In a statement, EA reiterated its commitment to inclusivity by making its “easy-to-use photosensitivity analysis tool” available for free via open source. Four other patents have also been made available publicly, too.


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