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Content Warning’s first bug fix patch adds reporter mic, party poppers, more

Content Warning – the viral co-op horror hit from the team behind Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – has just received its first patch. And alongside a first batch of bug fixes, it brings a bunch of new toys to play with in the depths, including party poppers and a reporter mic.

Content Warning, if you missed all the fuss earlier this week, sees teams of up to four players descending into lightless depths to capture unspeakable horrors on camera. Assuming they make it out alive, the footage can them to uploaded to SpöökTube and – one viewing party later – hopefully become a viral sensation. It’s a silly/scary good time, and a combination of heavy streamer attention, plus the fact it was free to download and keep for a limited time

, has seen it surge up the Steam charts with over 6.2m players.

That initial success was accompanied by some early teething troubles which developer Landfall Games has been looking into, but while those investigations continue, it’s released a first patch to address an initial round of issues. With the update applied, players can expect decreased hard drive usage for recordings, a new inverted mouse setting, fixes for duplicated discs when picking up at the same time, plus adjustments to emote prices.

More exciting, however, are the first batch of new toys included in the update. There’s a reporter mic so players’ wannabe SpöökTube hits can look just a little more professional, as well as a new sounds players, and party poppers for those moments when you just need to alleviate the tension with a festive expulsion. Additionally, a projector has been added to the garden so post-exploration viewing parties can now be held outside.

What today’s update doesn’t fix, however, are the four key areas the team flagged yesterday in its post celebrating 6.2m downloads. That means it’s still looking into issues with voices, connection and hosting issues, plus issues with camera footage not extracting and not being visible. Fixes for those will hopefully start arriving soon.

Content Warning now costs £6.69/$7.99 on Steam after its recent giveaway, and Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan thinks it’s worth a look. “There’s something really charming here,” he wrote after a delve into its depths, “something that generates a feeling, amongst strangers, that they are briefly not strangers at all. You’re not looting something, you’re making something – and that is very, very different for the vibe of a game, I think.”


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