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Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom review – “An adorable adventure game you won’t want to put down”

  • Dress up your Tamagotchi
  • Explore an adorable vibrant world
  • Close energy geysers to save the planet

Ah, Tamagotchi – the adorable, frustrating virtual pet craze of the 90s. Tamagotchi were pixelized pets that you had to care for 24/7 in order for them to survive. If you got a good eight hours of sleep, chances are you woke up to a dead Tamagotchi, which may be why so many 90s kids had anxiety. Luckily, in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, these creatures have evolved into adorable and far less dependent characters.

In Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, you play as Mametchi, a cheerful Tamagotchi kid who witnesses a meteor crashing into Tamagotchi planet. Upon investigating, you learn the meteor is a Tamagotchi named Meteoritchi that accidentally fell to the planet.

Unfortunately, Meteoritchi accidentally transferred his energy to the planet upon impact, causing purple geysers to erupt, and obstructing access to different areas. Now, it’s up to you to close the geysers and restore Meteoritchi energy.

Stressed out Tamagotchi

Fixing Geysers

As you help Tamagotchi solve their problems, you’ll instil feelings of love and friendship in them. As Meteoritchi senses more of this love, he’ll gain the power to close up one of the geysers. Afterwards, you’ll receive a tiny piece of Meteoritchi to take with you wherever you go. Using this piece of the meteor Tamagotchi, you can close any small geysers you come across. However, to remove big geysers like the one blocking your path home, you’ll need to earn enough Tama Hearts, which you get by completing quests.

The game also features daily quests, which you can grab from the bulletin board in Patchi Forest. These quests are usually simple, like collecting branches so a Tamagotchi woman can fix a bird’s nest or bringing toilet paper to a Tamagotchi in need at the Patchi Lake outhouse. These simple quests are a great way to make extra coins. You can use coins to expand your backpack’s size and purchase blueprints and items. Increasing the number of slots in your backpack makes exploring a lot more convenient, as you won’t have to drop items as often.

Soothing Gameplay

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom features soothing casual gameplay. You’ll explore and unlock regions like the Patchi Forest Town and Patchi Lake. You’ll also meet tons of adorable Tamagotchi, many of whom need your help. A few cartoonish characters interacting

To complete quests, spread warmth and love, and improve the planet, you’ll need to gather and craft items. You can craft items at a workbench, but to do so, you’ll need the proper blueprint. Blueprints can be found by digging, mining, or choosing the correct chest when playing Patchi Chest. You can also purchase blueprints from the architect at Patchi Lake.

Since the route back to your home is now blocked by a giant geyser, you’ll need to construct a camp to live in while you fix planet Tamagotchi. After converting your tent into a house, you can start recruiting Tamagotchi to live at your camp. You can choose up to two Tamagotchi from your camp to join you as you explore each day. More than just company, these Tamagotchi will help you complete tasks like mining big stones.

Dress for Success

Beyond helping other Tamagotchi and fixing the planet, you can also dress up Mametchi and his companions in adorable accessories. As you play, you’ll find and buy new glasses and hats for your Tamagotchi, allowing you to express yourself creatively. In addition, you can also decorate your camp to your heart’s content. Expand and add furniture to your house, or place some lovely decorations outside near Meteoritchi. Between the numerous cute accessories and tons of decorations, you can really make Mametchi and his camp your own.

Character talking to a tree in Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

Short Days

I have only two complaints about Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom. The first is that the in-game days are too short. Since Mametchi needs to sleep every night, it can be a tad annoying at first having to trek back to your campsite each night. However, once you unlock a few fast travel locations, the length of the days no longer feels problematic.

Secondly, the game doesn’t lead you to specific quest objectives. For instance, your only clue for finding a missing smartwatch is to search the forest, which is relatively big. Still, you won’t have too much trouble finding what you’re looking for as long as you pay attention.

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom is an excellent casual adventure game. The game offers an adorable, vibrant world to explore, full of exciting characters. You’ll enjoy foraging in the forest, mining, fishing and crafting new items as you save Tamagotchi Planet. From personalizing your camp to unlocking fun new areas, Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom will keep you blissfully entertained.


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