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Final Fantasy 16 PC version in “final stages of optimisation”, director says

The PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is in the “final stages of optimisation”, game director Naoki Yoshida has said.

Speaking with GameInformer, Yoshida stated the upcoming port is progressing well. However, he refrained from giving any further specifics, such as when it may be ready for release.

“When we can release the PC version might be dependent on that – the system requirements and specifications for PC that players will need, so we’re trying to figure that out,” Yoshida explained, adding that “naturally, [the PC specifications] are looking to be somewhat high”.

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While Yoshida could not give any further information on the PC port itself, he did state a demo will be made available ahead of release, likely within the next 12 months.

“Again, we can’t really talk about too much in terms of details of when it’s going to come out – I think in a little bit more time we’ll be in a better place to announce things,” he said. “But one thing’s for sure: It won’t be too distant in the future; it won’t be a year, it won’t be two years, it will probably be shorter than that, so stay tuned.”

We first got wind of Final Fantasy 16’s PC release last year, when the director confirmed work was “underway”.

“It’s been just over two months since the game’s release, and we’ve received an enormous amount of feedback from players around the world,” Yoshida said at the time. “The development team and I have also been watching your streams and videos, paying special attention to what everyone thinks of Final Fantasy 16. We put our all into creating this game, so it’s a real joy to see so many different reactions.”

As for Yoshida himself, it doesn’t sound like the developer will be putting his feet up any time soon. In fact, he is keen to direct another major title, and if the opportunity arises, he will be ready.

That being said, Yoshida previously suggested the next mainline Final Fantasy game should probably be directed by someone else, rather than “having the same old guys” handling development.


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