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Baldur’s Gate 3’s long-awaited Xbox save bug fix is finally rolling out today

It looks like Baldur’s Gate 3’s save bug woes on Xbox Series X/S might finally – fingers crossed – be at an end. The long-awaited fix that developer Larian Studios recently promised would arrive this week is now available to download.

Xbox players have suffered save game woes ever since Baldur’s Gate 3 made its delayed debut on the console at the end of last year, with reports soon emerging that hard-earned progress was being wiped after crashing. Unfortunately, the issue has persisted as the weeks have gone by, and Larian recently confirmed a permanent fix would require a console update from Microsoft, which was still in the works at the time.


Finally though, after an agonising five-and-a-half-week wait, Microsoft’s long-promised fix is now here. Its arrival was confirmed by the official Xbox Support account on social media, which tweeted, “An Xbox System Update will be rolling out from today to address the Save Game issue on Baldur’s Gate 3.” All Xbox Series X/S players should automatically receive the update within the next week, it noted, but those wanting it sooner can manually force the update immediately via their console’s Settings menu.

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Larian’s director of publishing, Michael Douse, highlighted the update in a separate tweet, writing (hopefully not prematurely), “Save issue on Xbox should finally be over. Download the update when it goes live and please do let me know how you get on!”.

Unfortunately, the save bug isn’t the only issue Baldur’s Gate 3 players on Xbox have encountered since the game’s launch in December; some have also reported receiving bans after their consoles auto-uploaded clips of in-game nudity to Microsoft’s servers without them realising. Larian called the suspensions “annoying and uncool” and has worked to get them reversed, but Microsoft recently suggested it has no intention of re-examining the way auto-uploading is implemented on its consoles to prevent similar instances in the future, and merely recommends players disable the feature to avoid further bans.


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