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Dave the Diver studio unveils sci-fi team battle game Wakerunners

Wakerunners is the next game from Mintrocket, the studio behind Dave the Diver.

The game is described as a team battle game with a top-down perspective set in a dystopian sci-fi future. So, quite the change from catching fish under the sea.

If you’re keen to check it out, a demo will be available during Steam Next Fest from 5th February.

Wakerunners Official Teaser

In Wakerunners, players will control one of seven characters in 4v4 and 5v5 skirmishes. Each character has unique abilities and battle styles, but players can swap between them mid-battle to change up their strategy.

Five game modes will be available, including: Team Deathmatch Mode, Raider Mode, Control Conquest Mode, Command Siege Mode, and Escort Mode.

The aim is to offer fast-paced close-quarters combat, with characters gliding across arenas with a unique acceleration and deceleration mechanic. At least it won’t be long to try this out for ourselves.

Wakerunners screenshot of character shooting a yellow blast top-down perspective

Wakerunners screenshot of players battling a giant mech top-down perspective

The ravaged Earth is a far cry from Dave the Diver | Image credit: Mintrocket

Screenshot of Wakerunners character leaping in the air against others
Image credit: Mintrocket

Wakerunners follows in the wake (sorry) of Dave the Diver, which proved a surprise hit last year. “Wholesome, harmonious and completely unwilling to settle, this is one of the most generous games in years,” reads our Dave the Diver review.

Wakerunners also appears to be separate to another game announced by Mintrocket: the zombie stealth-survival-extraction game Nakwon: Last Paradise.


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