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American Truck Simulator heading to Missouri in latest announced expansion

American Truck Simulator’s list of confirmed future stops is beginning to stack up; not only has developer SCS Software revealed trips to Nebraska and Arkansas are on the way, it’s announced it’ll be pulling into Missouri when those two expansions are done.

News that development on Missouri is now underway brings the total list of explorable states released or announced for American Truck Simulator since its launch in 2016 all the way up to 16. So far, players can trundle their way across California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, and Oklahoma, with Nebraska, Arkansas and Missouri still to come (presumably in that order).


Announcing the Missouri expansion on Steam – which actually happened just before Christmas but I was off and likely in an extended brandy butter stupor at the time, so sorry for the delay – SCS wrote, “Nestled in the heart of the American Midwest, Missouri beckons with a blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and vibrant urban landscapes. Known as the Show-Me State, Missouri invites visitors to explore its diverse offerings.”

American Truck Simulator’s Kansas expansion arrived in November last year.

Missouri’s arrival will mark the debut of the Mississippi River in American Truck Simulator, and SCS is also teasing glimpses of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and the expansive Ozark Mountains. “From the bustling city life of Kansas City to the serene landscapes,” it adds, “Missouri captivates with its unique charm and promises a journey marked by historic sites, such as Mark Twain’s birthplace and a taste of authentic American culture.”

There’s no hint as to when American Truck Simulator’s Missouri expansion might eventually arrive on Steam, but SCS has also spent early January showcasing its progress on phase 3 of its ongoing California rework, which is intended to bring American Truck Simulator’s first-ever US state in line with the increased presentational and design quality seen in more recent expansions, making use of the studio’s more advanced development tools.

As yet, there’s no release date for that either, but if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied while you wait for more news, SCS has just announced it’s extending its Cruising Kansas and Christmas Winterland events until 5th February, meaning you’ve now got a little longer to travel the highways of the US and earn a number of event-appropriate rewards.


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