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Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update is finally here with some impressively lengthy patch notes

Stardew Valley’s long-awaited 1.6 update – which creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone at one time warned wouldn’t “be huge”, a comical assertion in hindsight – is finally here on PC, and it’s accompanied by some an absolutely gargantuan patch notes.

Barone confirmed he was working on a 1.6 update for Stardew Valley back in June 2022

, but warned fans it would be relatively modest in scope and ‘mostly modding-focused’. As time has gone on, however, and more features have been teased by Barone, it’s become increasingly obvious 1.6 has grown considerably more ambitious than was initially planned.

It’s only now, though, with 1.6’s arrival – and the release of its accompanying changelog – that we can see exactly how much work has gone into the update. Prior to today’s patch notes, Barone had teased a number of new additions, including one major new festival and two new mini festivals, new items and crafting recipes, new dialogue lines, a new farm type, new late-game content, winter outfits for villagers, a new larger chest, 8-player co-op on PC, and – most importantly of all – hats for cats and dogs.

Let’s Play Stardew Valley Multiplayer – BEERS FOR DAYS, MATES. BEERS FOR DAYS!

Eurogamer’s video team playing Stardew Valley’s then-new multiplayer mode back in the day.

Over the last week, Barone has teased even more, including the news 1.6 also introduces the ability for players to drink mayonnaise – one of my favourite pastimes so I’m personally thrilled – but now all is officially revealed. So yes, if you’re spoiler sensitive, look away now. That major new festival, for instance, is the three-day Desert Festival in spring, while 1.6 also brings two new mini fishing festivals, and a new environment “event” in summer.

There’s also a new “mastery” system granting powerful perks and items, accessed via a new area; there’s the new Meadowlands farm type featuring “chewy blue grass that animals love”, plus “many” new NPC dialogue options, from custom gift reactions to dynamic dialogue.

Elsewhere, 1.6 makes it possible to have multiple pets once you’ve maxed out the hearts on your first pet; there’s a book seller who visits twice a season; NPCs have winter outfits; it’s now possible to catch a Goby fish; there are two new cat and dog breeds; you can have a pet turtle, and “Baby toss now has a chance to crit”. I have no idea what that means, but I laughed.

And, honestly, that’s just scratching the surface. 1.6 also enlivens the world with waterfalls, more holiday decorations, rare ambient creatures, trees that lose their leaves in the autumn, visual improvements for building interiors, lighting changes, and plenty more tweaks – including multiplayer changes, balance changes, oodles of fixes, plus various quality of life improvements, including the ability to sit in chairs during festivals.

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update is available now on PC via Steam and GOG, and the Game Pass version should turn up as soon as a new build has gone through, according to Barone. As for console and mobile, 1.6 is due to arrive “as soon as possible.” And if you want to peruse the full, virtual novel’s worth of patch notes for update 1.6, make yourself a cuppa, get yourself comfy, then head over to the Stardew Valley website.


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