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WWE 2K24 u-turns on modder ban following community backlash

WWE 2K24 has unbanned modder WhatsTheStatus following complaints from its community.

WhatsTheStatus – who was banned last week for “violation of terms” – revealed on Twitter/X that, after speaking with 2K and the WWE team, they had “come to an agreement, and a fair one at that”.

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Originally, 2K and/or developer Visual Concepts was unhappy with WhatsTheStatus’ mods, saying that as they “neg atively impact the game experience for other players”, the modder was banned in order to ensure there is a “positive WWE 2K24 experience for all players”.


Some fans did not agree with the banishment, however, and after the hashtag “FreeStatus” trended across multiple territories, the ban has now been reversed (thanks, VGC).

“We’ve heard your voices and wanted to let you know we’ve met with Status and had a productive discussion, touching on stability concerns and performance issues related to some popular mods,” the team announced on the game’s subreddit.

“As a result of this discourse, we are lifting Status’ ban, effective immediately, working with him to bring back some of his content which doesn’t cause stability issues, and moving forward with him towards a common understanding.”

Status was similarly complimentary, saying: “WWEGames and I have met on how my mods can impact the game. We’ve come to an agreement, and a fair one at that.

“Thank you guys for the support, thanks to all of you, my ban has been lifted.”

It’s unclear which of Status’ mods will be returning – the phrase “some of his content” intimates it’s certainly not all – but it does mean fans will be able to continue using some of Status’ mods providing they don’t “cause stability issues”.

WWE 2K24 players recently discovered footage of former WWE boss Vince McMahon has been blurred out in the game, following confirmation he would not be a playable wrestler.

McMahon had previously been expected to appear in the game’s roster, but publisher 2K confirmed both McMahon and Brock Lesnar had been cut after allegations of sexual assault and trafficking against the former were made earlier this year.

Despite this, McMahon appears in some parts of the game’s showcase mode, which allows players to play through iconic moments in WrestleMania history. The showcase includes real footage and in-game recreations of the events, with McMahon censored in some places.


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