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Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct detailed ahead of next week’s launch

With Diablo 4’s third season of post-launch content – now officially titled Season of the Construct – rapidly approaching, Blizzard has finally deemed it time to share some details about what it’ll bring when it arrives on 23rd January next week.

“Ancient forces threaten Sanctuary,” the studio writes in a bout of scene-setting over on its blog. “Aided by your Seneschal Companion, hazard the many traps and devastating Constructs beneath the deserts of Kehjistan.” Here, it continues, “elemental forces are amassing for malicious whims of the demon Malphas. Only by descending far below the surface will you be able to cull this cursed threat from its root.”

Breaking that down into more specific terms, Season of the Construct introduces the seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion – available during the Seasonal Questline – a new dungeon type Blizzard is calling Vaults, weekly leaderboards in The Gauntlet, and a number of “key” new quality of life features, including WASD movement support on PC.

Diablo 4: Season of the Construct announcement trailer.

Starting with Vaults, these are described as “specialised dungeons that house elemental Hazards devised by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzha”, alongside a new mechanical monster type known as The Constructs. Players gain access to the Vault after converting Pearls of Warding, whereupon they’ll receive the Zoltun’s Warding blessing. This diminishes stack-by-stack as players succumb to the Vault’s perils, but they’ll unlock a Wardwoven Chest – providing a higher chance of granting Legendary items – if they defeat the boss while the blessing remains intact. Players can also spend additional Pearls of Wisdom to increase a Vault’s risk to increase their reward, and tougher Nightmare Vaults become available at World Tier 3.

Vault rewards include Shattered Stone, while Pearls of Warding are granted for dispatching Elite Constructs. Additionally, players can gather levellable Governing and Turning Stones by playing Vaults – either collected via drops or by crafting them using Shattered Stone – and these are used augment their seasonal Seneschal Companion to suit their needs. Two Governing Stones and six Turning Stones can be equipped at a time, with the former determining attacks used and the latter augmenting these skills. A total of 12 Governing Stones and 27 different Tuning Stones of different rarities are available to find, and you should check out Blizzard’s post for a lengthy breakdown of these.

Season of the Construct’s final big addition – arriving some time after launch – is The Gauntlet, a weekly rotating fixed dungeon that players can take on in a bid to earn a place on the leaderboards. Blizzard says it’ll share more on The Gauntlet in a future blog update.

As for quality of life features, these include constant Helltides (permanently active bar a five minute rest once per hour), WASD key support for movement on PC, an additional stash tab to purchase, and more. All this – plus a new Season Journey and Battle Pass – will be available when Season of the Construct launches this Tuesday, 23rd January.


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