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New Fallout TV show scene gives us a taste of conflict resolution

Amazon has released a new video teasing its upcoming Fallout TV adaptation, which appears to follow up an initial snippet seen last week.

This scene shows lead actress Ella Purnell as the sweet and somewhat naive Vault Dweller Lucy as she attempts to de-escalate a conflict with Walton Goggins’ Ghoul.


While Lucy remains steady and tries to use her words to appease The Ghoul, he is clearly unconcerned by her efforts. In fact, he seems to be amused by her attempts to drug him with a laced projectile. Before he can do anything though, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel – presumably Aaron Moten’s Maximus – turns up in his Power Armour Suit.

The clip gives us an extended look at a town in the Wasteland, the aforementioned Power Armour, and the sort of choice-based dialogue fans of the game have come to expect – you can almost picture dialogue options beneath Lucy, but is her charisma high enough to talk her way out of this?

You can watch for yourself in the clip below.

Fallout – First Scene | Prime Video

Fallout – First Scene | Prime Video.

Putting two and two together, the above scene seems to take place just after the clip shared last week, as part of an interview between Goggins and Seth Meyers. Here, we saw The Ghoul approaching Lucy as he commented on his bounty.

During this interview, Goggins revealed it took the makeup team five hours to transform him into Fallout’s Ghoul for the first time. Additionally, the actor said he had taken inspiration for his character from American country singer and actor Kris Kristofferson, if he was quite a bit older and topped up with a lot of hooch.

Fallout will be available on Prime Video from 12th April. Earlier this month, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed that some ideas planned for Amazon’s Fallout adaptation had to be nixed, because the studio has them earmarked for Fallout 5.


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