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Nacon’s open-world Terminator: Survivors heading to Steam early access in October

Terminator: Survivors, the previously untitled open-world Terminator game announced by publisher Nacon back in July 2022, has resurfaced with a first trailer and an early access launch day of 24th October on PC.


Terminator: Survivors is being developed by Nacon Studio Milan, the team previously responsible for Rims Racing and TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3, and takes place four years after the events of Terminator 2 and Judgment Day.

Cast as a survivor of humanity’s near-extinction, players – either working solo or co-operatively with up to three friends – must attempt to “reestablish some semblance of society in a world that seems hell-bent on eliminating you and the last vestiges of mankind.”

Terminator: Survivors | The Aftermath Trailer

Terminator: Survivors – The Aftermath Trailer.

In more specific terms, it’ll see players roaming a hazardous post-apocalyptic open-world in search of materials, resources, information, and other survivors as they set about establishing a base of operations for their fledgling group.

“But you’re not alone,” warns today’s reveal announcement. “Skynet’s machines will hound you relentlessly and rival human factions will fight for the same resources you desperately need.”

There’s an atmospheric, if largely unilluminating, cinematic trailer to go with today’s news, but expect more concrete details to be shared in the run-up to Terminator: Survivors’ Steam early access launch on 24th October this year. A PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release will follow “at a later date”.


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