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Next week’s Epic Games Store freebies have been revealed

If you’ve been eying up your teetering games backlog and thinking to yourself, “You know, this games backlog isn’t anywhere near teetering enough!”, the Epic Games Store has you covered. It’s just announced The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 will be its next freebies, from 18th April.

The Big Con is a comedic, crime-filled road trip adventure set in the 90s (it has a squiggly, day-glo art style entirely in keeping with the era) that follows high schooler Ali as she hustles and grifts her way across America in a bid to save her family’s video store from lone sharks.


Eurogamer contributor Emad Ahmed liked The Big Con a lot when it released in 2021, calling it a “big hearted journey into the recent(ish) past” in his Recommended review. “The teenage angst is mixed perfectly with grumpiness and snarkiness in equal measure,” Emad wrote, “and the game is relatable to many teens (or even adults!) who’ve felt confused about life, have had FOMO, and want to do anything possible to make it all make sense again.”

The Big Con trailer.Watch on YouTube

As for next week’s other Epic Games Store freebie, Town of Salem 2, it’s a social deduction adventure of “murder, deceit, and survival”, in which up to 15 players, split into three factions, attempt to gain control of the titular town. It’s worth noting Town of Salem 2 is already a free-to-play title, but players that download and log in via Epic next week get the Epic Dragon Shimmerscale Pack, said to include cosmetics worth $100.

The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 will be free to permanently add to your Epic Games Store library between Thursday, 18th April and Thursday, 25th April. And if you haven’t already it grabbed it, this week’s Epic Store freebie is acclaimed cyberpunk parkour-slasher Ghostrunner.


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