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Tiny Garden looks like an adorable Polly Pocket full of sunshine for PC and Switch

A fun-looking farming sim known as Tiny Garden has cropped up on Kickstarter.

Tiny Garden is described as a “tiny farming and easy-going strategy game inside a tiny toy from the 90s”. While developer Ao Norte doesn’t specify further, it is immediately apparent Tiny Garden’s quaint toy-aesthetic has been inspired by Polly Pocket, with its clam shell opening, dolls house-like levels and – of course – its tiny garden.


Other video game inspirations, meanwhile, include the likes of Unpacking and Summerhouse.

Tiny Garden Kickstarter trailer. Watch on YouTube

“Plant, grow, and trade your vegetables for new plants and items to customise your toy set,” the game’s Steam page reads. “In Tiny Garden, everything revolves around the most humble plastic vegetables. Get some carrot or turnip seeds, make them grow, and trade them for bigger and fancier vegetables, plants, or even furniture items to customise every corner of your garden.”

You can see Tiny Garden’s Kickstarter trailer above.

Ao Norte promises a wholesome, stress-free game on Tiny Garden’s debut, with no death or fail state. Just the pleasure of gardening with the added bonus of “charming items and wonderful secrets” to discover.

At the time of writing, Tiny Garden has raised £7368 of its £4234 Kickstarter goal, with 350 backers supporting the project. It actually reached its initial goal in just one hour, but if you are keen to also get involved, the Kickstarter is running until 1st August.

Tiny Garden does not have a specific launch date as yet, although it is planned for a digital release across Nintendo Switch and PC. Well, trowel be!


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