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Enshrouded releases Melodies of The Mire update, adding musical instruments for fireside jamming sessions

The team at Keen Games has released its second update for Enshrouded, known as Melodies of the Mire.

As you may have surmised from the name, this rather chunky update introduces musical instruments into the game, including lutes, harps, drums, and flutes. Players will be able to learn how to craft instruments from a new NPC, Valory of the Silverstrings. More instruments will be added further down the line.

In addition to this musical side of things, Melodies of the Mire also introduces a new area to Enshrouded: The Blackmire. This can be found in the north of the Revelwoods, with the developer stating things here are “a little bit bigger”. This area holds a number of new quests, enemies, items and so forth for players to discover, as well as new floral pads which can be used as a kind of natural trampoline. You can take a little peek at The Blackmire in the trailer below.

Enshrouded – Melodies of The Mire | Official Update TrailerWatch on YouTube

Enshrouded players will also be able to get their hands on the game’s first dual-wield weapon. These daggers, Keen said, are ideal for the Ranger class, adding it has also made improvements to the game’s combat more generally.

“We can also confirm that the number one most requested feature on Feature Upvote currently will be included: player progression and world progression,” Keen Games added. “Now, players can complete quests already finished by admins of other servers on their own time.”

You can read the full notes for Enshrouded’s second update on Steam. Or, for more on what is still to come, you can check out Enshrouded’s 2024 roadmap here.

Enshrouded – Melodies of the Mire | Update 2 Highlights.Watch on YouTube

Eurogamer contributor Emma Kent took a look at Enshrouded earlier this year, calling it an “ambitious project in terms of scope, made all the more impressive by the fact it’s still only in early access”. While at the time she felt there was room for improvement, this is something today’s update will perhaps address.


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