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A Highland Song studio Inkle is teasing 1920s mystery at Miss Mulligatawney’s School for Promising Girls

After flinging itself around the Scottish hills in A Highland Song and doing a spot of linguistic archaeology in Heaven’s Vault, developer Inkle has announced it’ll soon be venturing to 1922 where a mystery is waiting to be solved at Miss Mulligatawney’s School for Promising Girls.

Inkle hasn’t exactly explained what its School for Promising Girls is just yet, but there are clues to be found over on Steam, where the developer has tagged the game’s newly surfaced store listing with the labels, “Investigation”, “Interactive Fiction”, “Comic Book”, and “2D”.


Everything else shared so far is firmly in-universe, with Inkle having replaced a more practical Steam description with a flyer promoting the titular school. “The best education the 1920s have to offer!,” it proudly proclaims, before adding, “We offer tuition in Latin, Geometry, and a wide range of team sports, all within the beautiful setting of our isolated country estate.”

Inkle’s previous game, hiking adventure A Highland Song, was a delight.Watch on YouTube

“One scholarship place is available to a promising candidate [from] a lower-class background,” it continues. “Further details of the curriculum will be announced later this year.”

And that’s almost your lot. Cast your eyes upward on Steam and you’ll spot that, instead of screenshots, Inkle has uploaded several pages from the School for Promising Girls’ prospectus. It’s a fun bit of world-building, covering everything from the school’s history to its sports curriculum – and also of note is the final image, which slyly includes someone falling to their apparent doom, having smashed through the school’s famous Rose Window. A mystery!

Miss Mulligatawney’s School for Promising Girls launches on Steam later this year, and Inkle says it’s also targeting a Switch and iOS release at some point “in the future”. We’re great big fans of the studio’s genre-hopping narrative adventures here at Eurogamer, so hopefully Inkle won’t leave us waiting too long to hear more.


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