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Get Aloy of this! There’s an official Horizon cookery book on the way

If you find yourself thinking, “you know what, I feel more like grazing a big Smörgåsbord of culinary delights rather than taking on a herd of Grazers with Aloy right now”, then I have good news. There is an official Horizon cookery book in the works.

Known as Tastes of the Seven Tribes, this book will allow you to whip up a batch of spicy Fireclaw stew or even some Bitterbrew Boar (which is described as “mouth-watering”).

It’s coming from Insight Editions, Rick Barba and prolific recipe writer Victoria Rosenthal, whose name you may recognise from a myriad of other video game related cookery books such as God of War’s Official Cookbook of the Nine Realms

and the Donlan-approved Destiny cookbook.

17 Horizon Forbidden West Tips You Need To Know.

Rosenthal called this upcoming Horizon cookbook an “incredible project to work on”, adding she can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it.

Here is the blurb from The Official Horizon Cookbook: Tastes of the Seven Tribes:

“You’ve explored the wicked heat of the Sun Furrows, the peaks of the Longroam, and the vast, deadly wilds of the Forbidden West. These locales are filled with danger, but they’re also packed with enough strange and amazing food to make a feast fit for a Seeker! Now you can craft more than 60 delicious meals with Horizon: The Official Cookbook.

“From the spicy Fireclaw stew to the mouth-watering Bitterbrew Boar, there’s a dish for everyone in this cookbook. Don’t worry about getting lost in the wilds, because your recipes come with expert advice on the world, the people, and the culinary arts of the 31st century.”

The Official Horizon Cookbook: Tastes of the Seven Tribes
Image credit: Guerrilla

The Horizon cookery book is set for release sometime in early 2024, with pre-orders available now.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to hear more about bringing the worlds of video games to the kitchen, be sure to check out Bertie’s chat with Rosenthal here.

As for the game series itself, earlier this year Sony announced the Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition will be coming to PC in 2024. This edition of Aloy’s latest escapades will include the base game and DLC Burning Shores, along with a selection of extras.


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