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Looks like Sony’s live-service sci-fi shooter Concord will launch with a £35 price tag

It looks like Sony’s recently revealed 5v5 sci-fi shooter Concord will take a leaf out of Helldivers 2’s wildly successful live-service playbook and launch with a relatively modest price tag of £35.


Concord, the debut game from Sony’s FireWalk Studios, was announced with only minimal detail last May. More was revealed during last week’s PlayStation State of Play, however, when Concord was confirmed to be a 5v5 first-person shooter – seemingly one with a touch of Overwatch in its DNA – featuring 16 launch characters, along with various modes and maps.

Concord’s live-service nature (which doesn’t seem to have been met with an abundance of enthusiasm among PlayStation fans) had some wondering how Sony might price the game when it launches for PlayStation 5 and PC on 23rd August – particularly given the modest price point of Sony’s recent live-service smash-hit Helldivers 2 – and it now appears the company is opting for a similar pricing strategy this time around.

Concord gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

As spotted on Resetera (via Push Square), the Australian PlayStation Store currently lists Concord’s Standard Edition with a pre-order price of $59.95 AUD and its Digital Deluxe Edition at $94.95. That matches Helldivers 2’s Australian price tag, strongly suggesting Concord will retail for £34.99/$39.99 (£49.99/$59.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition) in the US and UK.

As per the same Australian listing, Concord’s Digital Deluxe Edition features three days of early access, 16 character skins, and a Monarch Pack containing the Vale’s Monarch Frontliner Sniper Skin and Dead Reckoner Weapon Skin Pack. Those that pre-order get early access to Concord’s beta, which is currently set to launch this July.


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