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Sun sets on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game after 10 years

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is shutting down in April, after nearly 10 years of A-list fabulousness.

The mobile sensation, which was released back in June 2014 by Kardashian and Glu Mobile, will no longer offer users any in-app purchases. It will be removed from the various app stores as well.

Those who already have Kim Kardashian: Hollywood installed can continue to play the game and use up their K-Stars (its in-game virtual currency) up until 8th April. After then, the “game will become inaccessible for all players”.

Here’s a trailer for Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Kardashian herself told TMZ she was “so grateful from the bottom of [her] heart to everyone who has played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” over the last decade (save a few months).

“This journey has meant so much to me but I’ve realised that it’s time to focus that energy into other passions,” Kardashian said. “I want to thank the Glu team and the many people behind the scenes who have worked diligently on making it a success. I will be forever inspired by this community that we built together.”

Since this announcement, players have been met with an in-game notice informing them of the upcoming closure (see below).

In-game closure notice from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood showing a news anchor character with a mic standing next to a written message.
Image credit: Glu Mobile via TMZ

While the game may have received some mixed reviews generally, there is no denying that it made an impact on the mobile scene. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood generated a not to be sniffed at $1.6m in revenue during its first five days on the market.

Meanwhile, the game – which saw players rise through the Hollywood ranks with the help of Kardashian – certainly had legs. Its near-decade on the market far exceeds the majority of other mobile titles out there, with a recent report stating 83 percent of games released on mobile platforms fail within three years of launch.


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