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PSA: Don’t download Minecraft’s latest Xbox PC app update or you could lose your worlds

Developer Mojang has warned anyone playing Minecraft through the Xbox app on PC not to download its latest update as it could cause their worlds to disappear.

That warning comes via Mojang’s official Minecraft service status social media account

, which writes, “Do not update Minecraft through the Xbox app on PC. If you do, your worlds may be lost.” Mojang instead recommends players first run the Gaming Services Repair Tool for PC, accessible through the PC app, before installing the new update.

Minecraft’s Game Release Known Issues page takes the explanations a little further, saying that using the repair tool will update Microsoft’s Gaming Services to version 19.87.13001.0, which will avoid the update error, and presumably prevent all resulting world-snuffing mayhem.

Minecraft x Marketplace Pass

Minecraft x Marketplace Pass trailer.

In order to run to repair tool, players should launch the Xbox app on PC, click their profile picture, select Support, then click on the Gaming Services Repair Tool option. With that done, it’s simply a case of hitting Start Troubleshooting and letting the tool do its thing.

This week’s Minecraft Bedrock update, as per Mojang’s release notes, doubles the health of Wolves to bring parity with the Java version, and introduces a number of experimental features from this summer’s big 1.21 update, including the Bogged (a new skeleton variant that shoots poisonous arrows), Wind Charge, and the Vault block, which holds locked treasure and loot.

Additionally, Mojang has announced a new monthly subscription service for Minecraft, giving members access to “150+ different content packs” from the in-game Marketplace.


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