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Hades 2 early access launch on Steam reaches over 100k concurrent players 24 hours after launch

Hades 2 released in early access last night, and is already pulling in some impressive numbers on Steam for concurrent players.

At the time of writing, there are over 100,000 players making their way through Supergiant Games’ first-ever sequel. It has eclipsed its predecessor, with the first Hades game currently holding a concurrent player record of 37,749 (although, it is worth noting that Hades was a timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store, before it arrived on Valve’s PC storefront).

Additionally, it appears the launch of Hades 2 may eventually boost the concurrent player record of the first game. Figures on SteamDB

show that the first Hades recorded a peak of 36,043 players in the last 24 hours, closing in on its record from four years ago.

Hades 2 – Early Access Showcase.Watch on YouTube

On Hades 2’s early access debut last night, Supergiant Games said it is planning its first major update for “later this year”, and will be keeping an eye on player feedback in the meantime.

“This Major Update will take some months following our initial launch. Beyond that, we expect to be in Early Access at least through the end of 2024 in order to build out the remaining content we have planned,” the developer wrote.

Image comparing Hades and Hades 2 player numbers
Image credit: Eurogamer/SteamDB

Our Chris Donlan has already been hands-on with the sequel, and while it “may feel very comfortable and familiar”, he believes its “best weapon remains the power of surprise”.

“Hades 2 often strikes me as more of the same at the moment, but – two things again! – one: maybe I’m not yet dialled in sufficiently to see the deeper, secret point of the whole thing. And, two: we’re right at the start of this journey and it would not surprise me if the game I’m playing today, a game I already love, is not the game I’m playing a year from now,” he wrote in Eurogamer’s Hades 2 review. “And that’s quite a thought.”


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