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Wytchwood review – “A bewitching adventure game that’s sure to enthrall”

  • Play as a witch of the woods who has lost her memory.
  • Explore a beautiful, charming 2D world.
  • Solve puzzles and interact with quirky characters.

An isolated witch living in the wilderness – it’s a common trope in fantasy with roots in fairytales from across the globe. From the witch in Hansel and Gretel to the fearsome Baba Yaga of Russian fairytales, the lone witch is a staple of human literature. And who among us hasn’t wished to be a cranky old witch living it up in the wilderness at some point? With Wytchwood, from publisher Whitehorn Games, you’ll finally get your chance to be a cantankerous magic caster.

An Engaging Tale

One of the best things about Wytchwood is its immersive and, at times, humorous story. Wytchwood begins with the Witch waking from her nap and it immediately becomes clear she’s been sleeping for quite some time. After gathering your grimoire, which seems to be missing a few pages, you’ll be able to craft your first potion.

After speaking with the bothersome Goat in your yard, you learn you owe him a debt. Even though you have no memory of making the deal, you must find a way to fulfil your end of the bargain. To do so, you’ll need to explore various locations, complete puzzles, and avoid falling prey to vicious creatures.

Standing in front of the cooking pot in witches' lair

Explore the Forest

One of the first puzzles you’ll need to complete involves finding dog hair, frog slime, a blue feather and a shining stone in order to light braziers and open a gate. To complete the quest, you’ll need to leave your property and venture into the forest. There, you’ll come across various individuals, as well as new items and critters. Be sure to talk to everyone you see, as many of them can help you or offer quests to complete. For instance, speak to the woodsmen to receive an axe that will come in handy throughout the game.

Soon, you’ll gain access to other areas, such as the swamp and the lakeside. You’ll also meet a cast of quirky characters, such as a Seer-snake who runs a carnival in the forest and an excentric young man who has a taste for fireflies. The strange individuals you meet throughout Wytchwood only make the game more intriguing.

A festival in the the forest with strange characters all around

Tricky Puzzles

Wytchwood offers some impressive puzzles while providing a decent challenge. Luckily, if you get stuck, you can use your witch eye spell and click on important items to learn what you need. You’ll need to approach an aggressive dog who bites you whenever you draw near to get the dog’s hair. But if you can trick it into falling asleep, you can easily cut a hunk of fur off.

Beyond engaging puzzles, Wytchwood offers charming visuals that feel cosy while invoking a sense of curiosity. The calming green hues of the swamp and the vibrant brown autumn colours of the forest add a soothing vibe to the game.

My only complaint about Wytchwood is that the controls could have been better optimized for mobile. The game was initially released for consoles in 2021 and the developers likely wanted to stay true to the original version. However, it would be nice if you could just tap the items in your inventory to use them rather than needing to equip them first. You’ll switch between your sheers, axe, net and trowel constantly as you collect ingredients for your potions and other creations. However, overall, the controls are smooth enough that they don’t impact gameplay too much.

Big scarecrow guarding a cabbage field in Wytchwood

A Bewitching Game

Wytchwood is a cosy adventure game with fun and exciting puzzles to challenge your brain. The game features a compelling narrative, engaging quests, and genuinely entertaining quirky characters. In addition, the game provides a refreshing concept. What other game lets you play as a witch suffering from amnesia? An endearing adventure title that appeals to casual and hardcore gamers alike, Wytchwood is a superb addition to your mobile game collection.


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