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Sony and Lego are collaborating on a project based on Guerilla’s Horizon franchise, leaker teases

Sony and Lego are collaborating on a “well-known” IP, and rumour has it, it’s Guerilla’s Horizon franchise.

Earlier today, noted leaker Kurakasis suggested that “Sony is preparing something in collaboration with Lego”, adding that it was “related” to a well-known series and that an announcement is “expected soon”.

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Shortly thereafter, Tom Henderson – a “Tier 1 / very reliable source” as determined by the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit

community – chimed in to concur with Kurakasis’ claim, cheekily adding “an announcement is on the horizon”.

In an additional tweet, Henderson said he wasn’t “particularly fond” of the “I know something, and you don’t obligatory vague insider BS” and clarified his tease with: “But from what I know, there’s a Lego Horizon trailer that’s ready to go”.

Interestingly, Henderson also added: “It also suggests that the rumours of a showcase soon are accurate”.

As for whether this refers to a Lego-ified Horizon game or Lego sets based upon Guerilla’s franchise remains unclear for now, but hopefully we’ll find out more at the not-yet-confirmed State of Play later this month. Watch this space.

“There are issues to address then, but ultimately, Horizon Forbidden West has landed in fine form on PC (with a new patch addressing HDR issues) and we can highly recommend it,” Digital Foundry’s Alex said when he put Horizon Forbidden West through its paces when it released earlier this year.


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