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Slipstream: Rogue Space review – “A multiplayer action strategy masterpiece”

  • Play as an adorable anthropomorphic spaceship crew member
  • Follow Captain’s orders and defend your ship
  • Level up your character to become more useful in battle

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of an eccentric spaceship crew during epic ship-to-ship combat, then Slipstream: Rogue Space is the answer to your dreams. Featuring beautiful 2D graphics, Slipstream: Rogue Space. Select your crew member, give them a nickname, and join a ship’s crew in this adorable multiplayer action strategy game.

To begin the game, you’ll need to choose one of the crew members to play as. Don’t worry if you’re interested in playing as more than one, as you can unlock more crewmates later. Each crew member has a particular skill that will come in handy during space combat. For instance, the Octopus crew member is a master mechanic, the turtle is a shield expert, and the crocodile crew mate is great at brawling. Each crew member is absolutely adorable, so it really comes down to which skill you’d prefer to start with.

Join a Crew

Once you’ve chosen your avatar, it’s time to join a crew. You can view the available ship crews by tapping the Space Dock button. Here, you can view the ship’s Captain as well as the number of crew members already on board. When you’re ready, select a ship and board it. Slipstream crew


No matter whose ship you choose, the interior will be the same. In the ship’s centre is the bridge where the Captain sits at the helm. There are also north, south and tail sections. When the battle begins, your Captain will give orders to the crew. Choose to follow the Captain’s order that best suits your skill set or seems most understaffed. Of course, there’s more to it than simply following the Captain’s orders.

While it’s good to listen to your Captain, you’ll also have to think for yourself, changing roles and places as needed. Each member of the crew receives a ranking each round. For example, if there are nine crew members, you’ll receive a rank between one and nine. To get a higher rank, you’ll need to actively work to defeat the enemy by continuously reevaluating the ship’s primary needs.

Be Strategic

During the battle, you can determine where the attacking ship is by viewing the red arrows on the many screens throughout the ship. If you plan on defending your ship or controlling guns to attack the enemy ship, it’s best to be in the area where the screens show a target over the enemy ship. Combat in Slipstream: Rogue Space

You aren’t just being attacked by a hostile spaceship in Slipstream: Rogue Space; you’ll also have to contend with enemy aliens boarding your ship. These pesky aliens will attack stations on your ship. To combat them, you’ll need to head to a station that’s being attacked. Instead of manning the station, your character will begin firing at the invading alien. However, if you’re starting out, your stats may be too low to do much damage, so it’s best to stick to maintaining stations and defending the ship early on.

Taking Damage

Throughout the battle, your ship’s defensive, offensive, and medical stations will take damage and eventually break. Luckily, you and your crew mates are all capable of repairing these stations. Simply head over to a broken station, and your character will begin to fix it.

In Slipstream: Rogue Space, it’s not just the ship that can take damage. The enemy will be targeting you and your teammates as well. If you take too much damage, you’ll be ‘knocked out’. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re down for the round. Head over to a working medical station to be revived and continue to fight for your Captain.

Space ship interior

Level Up

You can also level up your character in Slipstream: Rogue Space by gaining enough experience. You’ll earn experience by participating in battles. Upon levelling up, you’ll earn a key and be able to level up one of your stats. Keys are required to unlock new crew members. Once you have unlocked more than one crew member, you can change your current character by visiting the blue beams on the ship’s bridge.

Slipstream: Rogue Space is an incredibly engaging action strategy title that doesn’t require you to be a strategy genius to thrive. With adorable 2D graphics, strategic spaceship warfare and cute and capable crew members to collect, Slipstream: Rogue Space is a stellar multiplayer mobile game that’s welcoming to players of all experience levels. If you enjoy a good action strategy title and are itching to journey to space with a loyal crew, then Slipstream: Rogue Space is an out-of-this-world experience you don’t want to miss.


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