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The Wolf Among Us 2 resurfaces after last year’s delay with four new images

Telltale Games’ long-in-the-works The Wolf Among Us 2 has resurfaced with new screenshots following last year’s delay, with the studio saying it’s “been heads down” on the project.

The Wolf Among Us 2 – again set in the world of Bill Willingham’s Fables comics – was originally announced back in 2017, but development halted when Telltale Games shut its doors the following year. That appeared to be the end for the sequel, until 2019 brought the news Telltale was being resurrected under new management – a surprise development that would eventually see The Wolf Among Us 2 being re-announced


Our first proper look at the sequel arrived in the form of a trailer in 2022, but as its 2023 release date drew near, Telltale announced it was delaying the game in order to avoid burnout and crunch. Unfortunately, it looked like the project might have run aground a second time last October when reports suggested development had been heavily impacted by Telltale layoffs.

The Wolf Among Us 2 official full trailer.Watch on YouTube

However, a follow-up statement from the studio confirmed “all projects currently in development are still in production, which brings us to today and the unexpected reemergence of The Wolf Among Us 2 – albeit in relatively demure fashion. Geoff Keighley took to Twitter yesterday to share four new The Wolf Among Us 2 screenshots, with Telltale later adding a bit more context on its community messageboard.

“We’ve been quiet because we’ve been heads down, focusing on the promise of The Wolf Among Us 2,” Telltale wrote. “While we can’t give a big update yet, here’s a little something for you: in-progress shots from the current build. The work continues. The Fabletown gang will be back. Thanks for being fans.”

The studio offered no hint of a launch date for The Wolf Among Us 2, so it’s unclear if it’s still targeting a release this year, but it’s certainly good to hear the beleaguered project is still alive.


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