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New sci-fi shooter The First Descendant’s icons are strikingly similar to those used in Destiny 2

Players have identified a surprising numbers of similarities between icons and weapons used in new free-to-play sci-fi shooter The First Descendant and Destiny 2.

Forbes writer Paul Tassi – who describes the similarities as “copy my homework without making it look like you copied it” – has put some of the more striking similarities together in a single image to illustrate just how similar they are.

The First Descendant – Official Freyna Character Gameplay Trailer
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Forbes further suggests that some of The First Descendants’ weapons are also similar in design to some of Destiny 2’s iconic firearms, including the Sleeper Simulant, and that its “little freeze orb” looks uncannily similar to Destiny’s Ghosts.


‘The First Descendant’ Is Using Barely-Changed ‘Destiny 2’ Icons
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Other players suggest both games lean on an open-source icon collection called Orb Direction.

As yet, neither Bungie nor Nexon have responded to Forbes’ request for comment.

When Bungie revealed The Final Shape last August, it announced 2024 would bring a significant shake-up to the way Destiny 2 content is delivered. Instead of launching four Seasons per year, it said it would release three “larger, content-packed” Episodes, each featuring standalone stories split into three six-week-long Acts. The first of these, Echoes, launched earlier this month, picking up immediately after the events of The Final Shape.

“Overall, The Final Shape is a fitting send-off to a story ten years in the telling, and that’s no mean feat,” we said in Eurogamer’s Destiny 2: The Final Shape review.

“It stutters a little at points, especially because of how the raid is integrated (or not) into the experience, and because it adds yet more on screen information and menu sub-screens to an already overloaded and navigationally unwieldy game. The Dual Destiny activity is an unexpected highlight and, alongside the success of the Pathfinder tool, underscores the fact that the game continues to grow and change, even as one era ends.”


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