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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake looks to be on the way

It looks like a remake of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is on the cards.

The news originates from billbil-kun, who has a proven track record of being accurate with this type of information. According to the leaker, the game will be published by 505, as the original was in 2013.

Since Bilbilkun’s claim, where they suggested we may get an announcement at tomorrow’s Game Awards, fellow video g ame focused account Idle Sloth

noted that a brothersthegame website now has a countdown on its page.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons came to additional platforms, such as PS4, following its initial release in 2013.

“Hey we are cooking it up!” this page proclaims, before stating it is only a few hours away from its “big launch”.

At the time of writing, the countdown had just less than eight hours left on the clock – pointing to some kind of update or announcement around midnight UK time. We will keep you posted.

Countdown on
It’s the final countdown (ba-da-da-daaa). | Image credit: Eurogamer

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a charming and rather emotional fairy tale from Swedish film director Josef Fares (whose name you may recognise from that The Game Awards moment, where he let the world know his opinions on the Academy Awards). It follows the story of two siblings as they set out on a quest to find a cure for their father’s mysterious affliction by finding the “Water of Life”.

In Eurogamer’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 2013 review, Dan Whitehead called it a “game of moments”.

“… moments of quiet beauty, moments of joyful levity, moments of cloying dread. There’s one moment that stands out above all the others, though. It’s one of those moments, the ones you’ll remember in years to come.”


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