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Mass Effect is coming to Destiny 2 next month in new collaboration event

If your interests exist squarely within the Venn diagram of Mass Effect and Destiny 2, your day is almost here: Bungie has announced it’s teaming up with EA and BioWare to bring Commander Shepard and company – or at least something vaguely inspired by them – to its free-to-play shooter as part of a new collaboration event.


As per Bungie’s announcement, the ‘Destiny 2 x BioWare’ team-up will enable Destiny 2 players to “join the crew of the Normandy” from 13th February – which all sounds very exciting until it finishes its sentence, “with new cosmetics and in-game items”.

On the premium cosmetics front, a new Normandy Crew Bundle will be available in the Eververse store once the event begins, containing a Commander Shepard-inspired N7 armour set for Titans, a Garrus-inspired Vakarian set for Hunters, and a Liara-inspired Shadow Broker set for Warlocks. An Omni Strike finisher and Flux Dance will also be purchasable with Silver.

N7 Day 2023

Mass Effect fans got a tiny tease of the next series entry last November.

Away from the premium cosmetics, a free Alliance Requisitions Bundle will be available to all players for the duration of the event, featuring the Enhanced Defence Ghost Shell, Alliance Scout Frigate ship, and Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow.

Today’s Mass Effect crossover announcement arrives alongside the news Destiny 2’s Riven’s Wishes event has now begun. Running until 12th March, it introduces weekly pursuits where players can earn tokens to spend on Last Wish raid Deepsight weapons, Exotic gear from the Lightfall year, plus event mementos and Ascendant crafting materials. Additionally, the Moments of Triumph event – which “sets the stage before The Final Shape” – runs from today until 3rd June, as detailed in Bungie’s post.

Destiny 2’s climactic The Final Shape expansion was originally set to launch next month, but November brought the news Bungie would be delaying its release until 4th June 2024 so it could “become exactly what we want it to be”. The delay followed layoffs at the studio in October, which are believed to have affected around 100 employees.


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