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Spooky fishing sim Dredge is making a surprise visit to Dave the Diver next week

Dredge, the sinister fishing game from Black Salt Games and publisher Team 17, has teamed up w ith Mintrocket’s Dave the Diver for a new crossover.


From 15th December, players can “explore new depths and discover exclusive content from the fantastic world of Dredge” in Dave the Diver.

You can see it in action in the trailer below:

DAVE THE DIVER X DREDGE Official Trailer – Free DLC on Dec. 15.

“This epic crossover combines the immersive worlds of ocean exploration and thrilling fishing adventures, where you can encounter unique aberrations and characters!” explains Mintrocket, the team behind the casual, single-player adventure RPG, Dave the Diver.

The Dave the Diver x Dredge update will be waiting for you on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch from 15th December.

Don’t forget that Dredge is now playable without the dread courtesy of a passive mode that lets you take to the high seas without fear of the denizens of the deep.

In May, the team confirmed that a free update now ensures “monsters that usually attack fishing boats will no longer be aggressive” for those who prefer a less strenuous day on the water, as well as a fancy new photo mode.


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