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Cyberhero Legends review – “Fighting to save the cyber future”

We have yet to determine what the future will be like, but we have so many games telling us that there’ll be humanoid robots running around doing what humans do. Of course, their tech will make them more capable of saving the day as seen in Cyberhero Legends by Zeuk Games. Following the Mega Man Zero school of thought, you’re controlling a cybernetic warrior with red armour, a laser sword, and flowing hair. Unfortunately, not all robots are digging this style and are choosing to go on a rampage in various environments. Only through your guidance and control can these manic machines be cleared out.

What is Cyberhero Legends?

Whenever it’s a future filled with robots, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing…or maybe somewhere in between depending on what’s going on. In Cyberhero Legends, you get a sense that it’s nice to have good robots to take care of the bad robots. The story follows one being in particular who may be completely robotic or just partly, but they’re no doubt a Cyberhero. They’re called into action by reports of robots appearing and attacking across different futuristic locations. Since the Cyberhero has spent quite a lot of time honing skills and practising with weapons, it’s time to put them to use to try and bring peace back to the future.


Legendary Actions

Cyberhero Legends gameplay

No matter if it’s in the past or the future, the associated mechanics and elements need to work properly. Cyberhero Legends makes a strong effort to make its future functional and enjoyable. The premise is solid being a roguelite system set in maze-like environments. Each stage presents multiple combat chambers to find and fight through, giving you plenty of space to manoeuvre, and plenty of enemies to fight. It never reaches the levels of a bullet-hell, but things can still get quite hectic considering the layouts of the areas.

This also allows another aspect of the game to shine, and that’s its variety. From the first stage, you’ll get to fight tons of different enemy types with distinct appearances and varied attack styles. You get to see how they act in conjunction with each other as well as trying to take down the Cyberhero on their own. Then you’ve got the Cyberhero who has reliable options in sword attacks, pistol blasts, and dash dodges. From powering up, they get access to a nice range of upgrades and powers that switch up how you approach individual enemies and groups. It’s fun to mix and match knowing that you’ll have groups of enemies to test them on.

And that’s just in the main missions. If you want other ways to earn extras or try something different, you’ve got a cool timing exercise in Training Mode and the option to test your metal in the Arena. If you collect some robot Companions, they can also gather goodies for you in the Expeditions Mode.

Fact Checking

Crafting weapons in Cyberhero Legends

When crafting a legend, you need to make sure that everything flows smoothly so that it holds together. Cyberhero Legends did a lot of work on crafting, but still could use some tightening up in places. Overall, the game has a bit of a UI issue where things don’t always sync up well. There are points where the text doesn’t sit right and game scenes aren’t overlaid properly revealing another scene beneath. The controls work well, but sometimes the UI doesn’t always read touch inputs, particularly in the Daily Rewards section.

In terms of actual gameplay, there’s a bit of confusion between intent and execution. Based on the overall feel, the game looks like it was meant to be played at a greater speed. It’s not slow, but both the main character and the enemies feel a bit too sluggish at times. It makes it seem like there’s a delay between using the controls and having the hero respond. The game still works, but it would benefit from some adjustments to raise its overall running speed.

Hearing the Cyberhero Legends

Hiding from robots

Cyberhero Legends is an isometric 3D roguelite mobile game about fighting robots scattered throughout futuristic chambers. It’s an entertaining action adventure with plenty of variety in terms of what you’re fighting with and what you’re fighting. As time goes on, it would benefit from some polish in the technical aspects mainly concerning the UI and the running speed. If it continues to update, this title may become its own legend concerning heroes of the cyber variety.


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