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Disney gaming exec thinks there’s “still a lot of demand” for KOTOR remake

Disney has spoken about Knights of the Old Republic Remake as the fate of the game remains unclear.

Development on the KOTOR remake has been rocky since it was first announced, with recent reports suggesting it isn’t in active development.

Speaking to Axios, Disney head of gaming Sean Shoptaw said he couldn’t say much on the status of the game “for some hopefully obvious reasons”.

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“KOTOR is obviously an incredibly popular game,” Shoptaw added, “one that we are incredibly proud of and think that there’s still a lot of demand for. I’ll leave it there.”

Shoptaw also spoke about Disney’s collaborations with other studios to develop games with its franchises. Shoptaw described Disney’s relationship with Kingdom Hearts developer Square Enix as “an incredibly successful partnership”, before adding the company is “super excited” about the next game in the series. The next release is believed to be Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a mobile game described as a “GPS action RPG”.

Shoptaw said Disney had to renegotiate its deal with Microsoft once the latter acquired Zenimax and by proxy Bethesda, which is developing the upcoming Indiana Jones game. “We didn’t feel like we were being overly exclusionary,” Shoptaw stated, as Microcsoft requested the game was made into a PC and Xbox exclusive. “We felt, financially and strategically for the game, that made sense at the time.”

The FTC claimed Microsoft keeping Bethesda’s games as exclusives was “powerful evidence” against its Activision Blizzard acquisition, though it wasn’t enough to convince the US court to block the deal.


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