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Sand Land, the video game adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s manga, gets April release date

Sand Land, the upcoming game based on Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s manga, will release on 26th April across PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Sand Land, for those unaware, is set in a post-apocalyptic desert world where water is in short supply for everyone. Yes, demons and humans. Obviously, something needs to be done about that, and so a rag-tag team sets off in search of the Legendary Spring to bring an end to this thirst.

Sand Land was first announced last year at Summer Games Fest

, where we got a look at its arid setting and gorgeous art style. You can see it again now thanks to its new release date trailer, below.

Sand Land Release Date Trailer.

“Joining Beelzebub, the Fiend Prince, his chaperone, Thief, and Sheriff Rao, prepare to explore the vast desert and take on the Royal Army in various customisable vehicles,” publisher Bandai Namco proclaimed while announcing Sand Land’s release date.

In addition, a PlayStation Blog has revealed more about Sand Land’s vehicular gameplay. Along with the likes of a Hovercar and its heavier cousin the Hovertank, players will also be able to beetle around and fight in those aforementioned customised rides. This customisation extends to weapons, skins and decals.

I am getting some Mad Max energy from all this.

Sand Land hover vehicle

Sand Land hover vehicle makes its way through the arid desert

Image credit: Bandai Namco

There are several editions of the game available to pre-order now if you are so inclined: Standard, Deluxe and Collectors. The Standard Edition gives you the base game, while the Deluxe Edition also offers the Speed Demon Pack, two My Room Furniture Sets (Army Base and Hideout) and the Beelzebub Decal Set.

The Collector’s Edition, which retails at £119.99, comes with all of the above with the addition of a Beelzebub Customizable Figurine, a Postcards set and Steelbook. There is also a Survivalist Camo Pack available as a pre-order bonus.

Sand Land Collector's Edition
Image credit: Bandai Namco

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