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Konami brings back retro classics Rocket Knight Adventures and Felix The Cat

The cat’s out of the bag. No, really. It is. Konami and Limited Run Games are bringing retro classics Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight Adventures back for the modern age.

The upcoming Felix the Cat release will include the feline’s NES title and Game Boy title. Both games will come with a range of new features and “quality of life fixes” for today’s gaming enjoyment.

This release will be available physically for those with either a PlayStation console (it is coming to both 4 and 5) or a Nintendo Switch. Konami is handling the digital side of things, and is yet to announce a release date.

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If you are interested in the physical release, you will be able to preorder from Limited Run Games either the Standard Edition or the fancier Classic Edition – which comes with a physical CD soundtrack, reversible poster and packaging inspired by the original Felix the Cat NES release box – from 9th February.

As well as Felix the Cat, Konami and Limited Run Games have also announced the Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked collection. This particular release comprises Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 and Sparkster.

This collection will include a range of fresh features for the games, such as a new animated intro, rewind features, a boss rush mode and a “museum featuring never-before-seen content”.

As with Felix, this collection of Rocket Knight games will be available for PlayStation 5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Physical editions of the game can be preordered from next Friday, 19th January. Konami is yet to announce a digital release date.

There are three different editions of Re-Sparked to pick from: Standard, Classic or Ultimate. The fanciest Ultimate edition will include extra paraphernalia such as a statuette, design documents, and decorative mini-carts.

Do either of these releases take your fancy?

Elsewhere in retro news, a collection of Monty Mole games from the 1980s made their Nintendo Switch debut earlier this week comprising five games from the series.


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