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This Early Access VR Mod for the original Tomb Raider could become the best way to play the game

God, I adore flatscreen to VR mods. Honestly, they’re just so much more exciting to me than the current crop of official VR releases. A large portion of anticipated titles have been fairly underwhelming to say the least, but thankfully there’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of revisiting an all-time classic in VR to make you fall in love with the medium once again.

Being able to explore digital worlds that you loved in the past as if you were really there in the present is nothing short of magic to me and this week’s episode of VR Corner is a cracking example of how good this stuff can be!


The legendary modding team, Team Beef has not only managed to bring the original 1996 Tomb Raider into standalone VR and PC VR with their amazing but uncomfortably named, Beef Raider XR mod, but they’ve also add a 6DoF first-person viewpoint and motion controlled aiming for all Lara’s weapons!

I had an amazing time with this mod and you can watch my enthusiasm bursting out from the screen in this week’s VR Corner (above) as I come to realise that this might actually be the single, most enjoyable way to experience the game! That is until I literally get into some very deep water with some the game’s more fiddly controls…

As Beef Raider XR is an Early Access build there should hopefully be improvements made to the way you exit the water in the future but, aside from that, the shooting and Lara’s general movement in VR felt much easier to manage to me than the original tank controls. Want to try this mod out for yourself? You can grab it from Team Beef’s Patreon (for the price of a month’s membership), here.

Oh and finally, here’s the YouTube version, just in case the Header video isn’t loading for you!

This Tomb Raider VR Mod Could Be The BEST Way To Play The Original Game, EVER! – Ian’s VR Corner


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