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The Finals ups anti-cheat measures following popular launch

Developer Embark Studios is boosting in-game anti-cheat measures for The Finals following increasing reports of cheaters from its players.

The multiplayer shooter shadow-dropped during The Game Awards at the beginning of the month and has proved popular. Unfortunately, popularity has brought in large numbers of cheater being discussed on the game’s subreddit and official Discord server.

Community lead Dusty Gustaffson shared an update with players on Discord yesterday, revealing Embark has “had a technical issue that prevented us from banning cheaters efficiently”, but is now in the process of “re-upping” anti-cheat measures as it implements a solution to the bug.

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“[Easy Anti-Cheat] isn’t our only anti-cheat measure,” Gustaffson explained in a further message. They described the technical issue as one which has “caused a ton of headaches” for Embark.

Gustaffson previously asked players to report cheaters if they encounter any as Embark was “working on beefing up our detection” and has since stated the team is working “non-stop” to address cheaters and rising frustrations from its player base.

Bertie was able to preview The Finals before it shadow-dropped and he described it as “borderline irresistible”, and perhaps doubly so if you team up with friends to chasae a victory.


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