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Hide N Seek Adventure review – “A subpar adaptation of the classic kids game”

  • Transform into various objects to find from Seekers
  • There are no benefits to leveling up
  • Gameplay is repetitive

Who doesn’t have fond memories of playing hide-and-seek? The thrill of waiting to be found in your clever hiding spot behind the couch or under a blanket. Hide N Seek Adventure is a new asymmetrical multiplayer game that brings the classic children’s game to mobile with a fun twist…supposedly.

Transform into Everyday Objects in Hide N Seek Adventure

Each match consists of 15 players: five seekers and 10 hiders. As a hider, you can morph into a variety of objects depending on the current map. You can then position yourself in a space that looks natural for the object you changed into and wait to see if you’re discovered. Possible items that you can morph into include chairs, stools, tables and stacks of books.

You can move around the map while hiding, but I’d advise against it unless you’ve clearly been spotted. Otherwise, you are just putting a target on your back. While transforming yourself into objects to better hide is a novel concept, you’ll spend most of your time as a hider, sitting still and hoping you don’t get caught. This may be fun in actual hide-and-seek, but it’s not so much fun in a video game. Luckily, you’re sure to have much more fun-seeking.


Player disguised as a pile of books near a bed in a purple bedroom in a rundown mansion

Hide N Seek Adventure is More Fun as a Seeker

Seekers get several seconds at the start of each round to memorize the map as best they can. This helps you determine which objects might actually be other players in disguise.

If you think you’ve found a hidden player, whack the suspicious object with your mallet. If you successfully hit a hider, it will transform back into a human avatar and lay unconscious on the ground. However, if you mistake a regular object for a hidden player, whacking it will cost you some health. 

Occasionally, you’ll see hearts on the map, which you can pick up to boost your health. For the most part, though, you’ll want to be stingy with your whacks unless you’re sure you’ve found a hidden player, as too many missed hits will deplete your health bar, taking you out of the round.

Top down view of a level map featuring multiple tents and a forest area

Hide N Seek Adventure: Where Level Ups Don’t Matter

The more you play Hide N Seek Adventure, the more you’ll level up. Don’t get too excited though, as levelling up doesn’t seem to increase any attributes or otherwise offer you any bonuses. Basically, whether you’re level 1 or level 61, your gameplay experience is going to be exactly the same.

As a seeker, you can choose a skill before each round if you have enough coins to purchase one. Skills include a health boost and the ability to summon an arrow that points you toward the nearest hidden player. Skills are helpful but can only be used once per round, so choose your timing carefully.

Coins, Draws and Avatars

You can gain coins by watching ads, completing daily missions, and just playing the game. You can use your coins to purchase skills, leave a round early, and purchase draws, which allow you to unlock new items to morph into. Blonde player standing next to knocked out player on a dock. Large wooden ships are in the background

 You can also use coins to buy new character avatars from the inventory tab. Bear in mind that these avatars are pretty expensive, with the cheapest costing 3,000 coins, so it may take a while to nab one.

Hide N Seek Adventure is a decent asymmetrical multiplayer game with a cute premise. The 3D graphics are vibrant and fit well with the theme and the game is fun to play for a few rounds at a time. Unfortunately, levelling up doesn’t seem to matter and the game seems to be as much about luck as it is about strategy. 

With a few tweaks, this title could be pretty fun. For now, however, it’s a bit disappointing. Still, it’s a cute and light-hearted asymmetrical game that you might enjoy playing a few rounds of on the go.

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