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Horizon MMORPG “is now essentially confirmed to be in development”, job listing suggests

More details about an MMO based on Guerrilla’s Horizon franchise have popped up online via two new job listings.

Video game researcher Kurakasis took to Twitter/X earlier today to detail “everything” they know to date about the upcoming game, including a rumour that it will be an “MMORPG to be precise”. They also shared details of job listings that seem to confirm the game in development may be called “Land of Salvation”.

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“The game is now essentially confirmed to be in development, as an NCSoft employee posted a job listing on LinkedIn with a codename logo stylised similarly to the logo of Horizon games,” Kurakasis said. “It’s developed under the codename Project Skyline, with the initial codename being Project H.”


The game is seemingly coming to PC and mobile – there’s no mention of PS5 on either job listing currently available online – and is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. It “is expected to launch significantly later than Aion 2, which is anticipated to be released in 2024/2025”. It’s thought around 140 people were working on the game in September 2023.

“The project is developed in Sung-Gu Lee’s Lineage IP division and is led by Hong-Young Choi who previously was head of Lineage W development,” Kurakasis added. “The project started around 2021, according to a former NCSoft employee’s resume on LinkedIn and Facebook.”

“NCSoft registered a domain for what appears to be a game titled Land of Salvation. Land of Salvation could POTENTIALLY be an official title for the Horizon MMO,” Kurakasis said. “This assumption is based on the fact that it is the only unannounced game we know of that could be revealed soon. Of course, it could be some other project we are not aware of.”

The leak comes just weeks after Sony and Guild Wars publisher NCsoft announced a strategic partnership, which aims to “expand beyond console and broaden PlayStation’s reach to a wider audience”.

NCsoft head Taekjin Kim and Sony’s Jim Ryan signed this partnership, with the companies now set to “collaborate in various global business fields, including mobile” together.

While no specifics were mentioned, the two companies stated they are “evaluating a range of potential opportunities with an aim to foster strategic synergy”. This will include leveraging NCsoft’s “technological prowess” as well as Sony’s “global leadership in the entertainment field”.

While neither party alluded to anything in this vein, a report last year stated an MMO set in Sony’s Horizon IP was in the works at NCSoft.


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