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Downpour review – “An easy tool for creating simple games”

  • Create simple games in minutes
  • Not good for creating complex games
  • Play other players’ games

Who amongst the masses of gamers out there hasn’t thought to themselves, “I could make a good game”? Well, now, thanks to the new mobile app Downpour, you can. Downpour lets you become a game dev by letting you create simple video games using your own photos. You can even share the games you create with other players.

Downpour isn’t like RPG Maker; you won’t be creating in-depth, challenging games. However, you can create small-scale games using images from your photo gallery. While this is a cool concept, the app doesn’t quite live up to the appeal.

Not Much to Play

You aren’t limited to playing games you create. You can also play games other users have shared. The most interesting one I’ve found so far is a hidden object game

where you look for a fluffy cat in each photo. This game, titled Find Madeleine, was pretty cute, and I can see why creating a little game like this featuring a pet or person you know could be fun. However, thus far, there aren’t really any other good games to try out. Still, the game is newly released, so the content will likely improve in time. Where is Madeleine, orange cat hiding in plain sight

It seems that if the developer wants Downpour to succeed, they need to supply some engaging pre-made games that give the user an idea of what they can create. Instead, the game just offers a couple of unfinished games you can use as a tutorial.

While creating your own games is the primary purpose of the app, offering some well-made games for players to experience could motivate users to learn the game’s interface and make for a more immersive experience. The game would also benefit from an in-app drawing tool. That way, you could create artwork for your game without leaving Downpour.

Creating Your Own Game

Creating your own game in Downpour is really simple. Upload photos or your own artwork, add text and buttons and connect pages together. You aren’t going to make any in-depth strategy games or shooters. But with enough determination, you could create a visual novel or text-based RPG fairly easily. Four game choices leading to different outcomes

Keep in mind that games you make with Downpour aren’t going to look too polished. Rather, the games have a collage-style vibe, which, while unique, may not suit your game. However, if you’re just creating games to pass the time, you may really enjoy Downpour. The app is also an excellent way for kids with an interest in game design to play around with their ideas. The app is fairly simple, but when you consider it was made by a solo developer, it’s quite an astounding feat.

Downpour is an easy-to-use game and webpage creator that is sure to satisfy hobbyists and creative kids alike. However, the platform is clearly tailored toward creating simple casual games. Of course, this may change in time, but for now, if you’re looking for a way to create a hardcore shooter, RPG, adventure, or strategy game, this isn’t the platform for you. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted to create a cosy hidden object or interactive narrative game, Downpour could give you the tools to get started.


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