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Fall Guys support to continue, despite game assets and characters coming to Fortnite

Epic Games has discussed the future of Fall Guys, following today’s announcement that its game assets, animations and characters are coming to Fortnite’s UEFN creative mode.

Players will be able to make and play their own custom Fall Guys levels in Fortnite from May, Epic Games announced today during its State of Unreal presentation

. Lego and Rocket Racing game assets arrive in UEFN today, meanwhile.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Epic Games executive vice president Saxs Persson said the addition of Fall Guys characters and gameplay to Fortnite will benefit players by the nature of it being accessible from within Fortnite, where millions play already. That said, the original Fall Guys game will also still continue on.

Fall Guys Free for All: Live Action Trailer

Fall Guys live action trailer.

“If we started Fall Guys development over today, we’d do it inside Fortnite,” Persson said, when asked if Fall Guys development would ever solely exist within Fortnite. “But we are where we are, we don’t have anything to announce right now.

“You learn different things when you’re separate, but we truly believe the magic of Fortnite is having fun in a game with your friends so the more players there are, the more content there is, the more fun you have. So by that simple measure, it benefits us to have everything in one place.”

Persson pointed to the launch of Lego Fortnite, Psyonix’s Rocket Racing and Harmonix’s Fortnite Festival in December last year as an example of this – where “the sample rate is extremely high because it’s so easy to jump into”.

An Epic Games spokesperson subsequently confirmed that the company was continuing to support Fall Guys as a standalone title.

Fall Guys first launched to huge success in 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4, developed by British studio Mediatonic. Epic Games bought Mediatonic the following year. In 2022, versions of Fall Guys for Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S arrived, as the game went free-to-play and clocked up 50 million players in two weeks.

Last autumn’s layoffs by Epic Games reportedly hit Mediatonic hard, though work on Fall Guys remained a company priority, Epic told Eurogamer at the time.


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