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Digital-only Xbox Series X images reportedly leak online

Images allegedly showing the white, digital-only Xbox Series X reported to be in the works earlier this year have leaked online.

An “adorably all-digital” Xbox Series X refresh, planned for a 2024 release, first surfaced as part of a mammoth leak of official Microsoft documentation during last year’s court battle with the FTC. Despite Xbox boss Phil Spencer later downplaying the leak, a report surfaced in February claiming not only was Microsoft’s all-digital Xbox Series X still alive, it was aiming to release “sometime between the upcoming months of June and July”.


That claim was made by noted leaker eXtas1s, who has now resurfaced with (extremely low-resolution) images allegedly showing a seemingly near-release version of the all-digital console.

Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot of note to be seen; as expected, the most obvious differences between this reported new model and the existing Xbox Series X are the new white colour and a conspicuous absence of a disc-drive on the front of the machine. All other external apsects appear to be more or less the same.

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That’s in keeping with eXtas1s’ previous claims the digital-only Xbox Series X would only offer relatively minor changes to the current model beyond the absent optical disc drive, with improvements limited to an enhanced heatsink and upgraded Nexus card – certainly nothing as radical as the new cylindrical design, front-facing USB-C slot, improved wi-fi, refreshed controller, and decreased power draw seen in last year’s FTC leak.

eXtas1s says the new all-digital model will likely be priced “in a lesser bracket” compared to the current £479.99/$499.99 Xbox Series X.


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