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GameSir X2s Controller review – “A compact yet powerful mobile controller”

  • The controller’s Hall Effect joysticks prevent drift and the D-pad and XYAB buttons are on the small side
  • This controller may not look powerful but it can keep up with even the most intense titles
  • Enjoy high-quality precision with GameSir X2s, really ingenious controller

While the controller was inspired by the Nintendo 2DS, upon first unpacking the GameSir X2s Type-C Wired Mobile Gaming Controller, I was immediately reminded of Super Nintendo. The pale grey and violet design is a welcome throwback to the iconic gaming system.

While the plastic makes it look somewhat cheap, the controller proved itself to be a surprisingly sturdy device. A lightweight, compact device, the X2s’ design perfectly blends retro vibes with modern controller comforts.

GameSir’s X2s Features an Ingenious Design

The X2s features dual joysticks, a D-pad, and X, A, B and Y buttons on its front. The top of the device features the standard LB, RB and trigger buttons you’ll find on most controllers. Its smooth, slim design combined with the colour scheme gives it a playful look. The backside corners of the device feature a textured rubber coating to make it easy to grip while still allowing for comfort. The back of the Gamesir X2s controller which is lavender accept the lower corners which are covered in a gray rubber coating

One thing I love about the GameSir X2s Type-C Wired Mobile Gaming Controller is how it can expand to accommodate phones of various sizes. It’s nice to know I can continue using the controller if I purchase a new phone. Further, it’s super easy to set up. You simply plug the Type-C USB into your phone’s charging port.

In a stroke of genius, GameSir has made the Type-C port flexible. This means you don’t have to worry about accidentally bending it when plugging in your phone. Additionally, since the controller fits around your phone, you don’t need to worry about holding two separate devices, which is a plus, especially if you are gaming on the go.


The GameSir X2s Keeps Comfort In Mind

GameSir clearly put a lot of thought into this controller’s layout. The joysticks are placed so that your thumbs naturally rest on them, and the trigger buttons slope upward, creating a natural resting place for your index fingers. You’ll be comfortable holding the X2s even during long gaming sessions since it’s not much bigger than your phone. Additionally, the rounded corners allow them to fit perfectly against your palms without causing irritation or discomfort. Front view of the Gamesir X2s Typ-c wired controller

While playing the iconic racing game CrazyTaxi Classic, I was more than satisfied by the responsiveness of the left and right trigger buttons. The triggers respond to even just a slight amount of pressure, so there’s no need to slam them down except to boost your driving speed. Further, the triggers offer great precision, making it easy to change your speed when going in for a turn and break quickly.

Responsive Controls

The joysticks are also very responsive, and I didn’t experience any drift. My only issue while playing this iconic racing game is that when pressing B to switch from reverse to drive, the pause menu opens. However, I’m fairly certain this is an issue with the game itself, not the controller.

I also tested out the device by playing one of my favourite mobile RPGS, Evoland 2, and the X2s did not disappoint. The joysticks allowed for fluid movement and the buttons proved responsive. Thanks to the controller’s use of Hall Effect technology for the triggers and joysticks, you don’t have to worry about drifting or buttons getting stuck. The instant response of the X, Y, A and B buttons let me perform perfectly timed double jumps and airborne attacks as I bounced on mushrooms and battled baddies.

Close up of the X2s' flexible USB Type-C port

Testing the X2s with PlayStation Remote

This GameSir controller is also compatible with game streaming services like Steam Link, Xbox Remote Play, Geforce Now and PlayStation Remote. After linking my PS5 to the PlayStation Remote app on my phone, I was excited to dive into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to really test the X2s’ capabilities.

While playing the latest Final Fantasy title using the controller, I decided to battle the Quetzalcoatl, a beast you find early in the game. Combat in FFVII Rebirth can be quite complex, between dodging enemy attacks, protecting your allies, and casting a variety of attacks. Fortunately, the X2s was up to the challenge.

My combat moves felt just as precise and speedy as when playing with my DualShock controller. I could also seamlessly switch between characters in my party and implement special attacks and summons from the command menu without any difficulty or lag on the controller’s part.

Person holding the X2s in their hands with the back showing and expanded to fit their phone

Cyberpunk Plays Like A Dream on the X2s

The controller also excelled when playing Cyberpunk 2077 through Steam Link. Thanks to the X2s’ quick response and precision, I gleefully took down cyber-enhanced baddies and hacked my way to victory in pulse-pounding battles.

The only issue that arose was the small size of the XYAB buttons, which makes it easy to hit the wrong one when you’re in an action-packed title like Cyberpunk. However, after a few blunders, my fingers got used to the buttons’ compact size and locations.

The X2s: Worth Every Penny

The GameSir X2s Type-C Wired Mobile Gaming Controller is an inexpensive compact controller for mobile gaming. While the buttons are on the small side, the device’s anti-drift joysticks and precision-tunes analog triggers very much live up to their descriptions. Yes, the plastic used to bring the controller to life does make it look a bit cheap, but you’ll quickly forget about that as you enjoy its smooth design and reactive controls.

The way the controller plugs into your phone’s USB Type-C port and stretches around your device like a phone case makes it perfect for gaming as you travel. With a price tag of only $45.99, GameSir’s X2s controller is a steal, especially when compared to the $69.99 price of a PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller.

In the end, here are some of the Android games with controller support that you can try out with GameSir’s X2s!


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