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Suicide Squad’s £100 early access edition goes offline, again

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been taken offline for the second time in 24 hours, leaving players who paid for early access unable to play.

As a reminder, Suicide Squad is technically out on 2nd February, but early access was included in its Deluxe Edition, which costs £100 / $100.

At 11:22am this morning, developer Rocksteady announced a scheduled maintenance for Suicide Squad beginning at 11:30am. “The game will be offline until maintenance has been completed,” the developer stated, with no estimate of when it’ll be back online.


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We Played Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – but is it any goodWatch on YouTube

Suicide Squad was also pulled offline yesterday, within one hour of its early access launch period beginning in Australia, after players began logging in for the first time only to find the game’s story was already completed. Maintenance to fix the issue was projected to take “several hours”, rendering the game unavailable.

At time of writing, players are reporting that servers for the game are now back online. Eurogamer is unable to verify this ourselves as we are yet to get access to the game – which is why you’ll notice the absence of our Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League review on the site.

Yesterday, some players who paid £100 for the Deluxe Edition also reported being unable to access DLC exclusive to the Deluxe edition, though this is also now reportedly fixed.

In the meantime, you can read Ed’s detailed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League preview for his thoughts on the opening missions of the game.


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