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Cat Quest 3 sets sail for adorable high seas RPG adventure this August

If you’re a person of exceptional t aste, you’ll already known developer The Gentlebros’ adorable quick-fire action-RPG series Cat Quest is a bit of a winner, so you’ll likely be chuffed to hear the next instalment – Pirates of the Purribean – will be arriving for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam on 8th August. Oh, and a demo’s out for Switch today.


Cat Quest 3: Pirates of the Purribean casts players as a swashbuckling “purrivateer”, sending them on an open-world adventure across the game’s titular archipelago in search of the long-lost Northern Star treasure. It’s a journey, spanning both land and sea, that’ll necessitate battle against the fearsome Pirate King and his hordes of Pi-rats, with The Gentlebros promising varied dungeons and biomes to investigate as events unfold.

Pirates of the Purribean doesn’t, admittedly, look like a radical departure from previous games, but the series’ breezy, super-streamlined action-RPG adventuring – which mixes real-time combat, dungeon crawling, and equipment progression in a wonderfully accessible package – was already a treat, so more is always welcome.

Cat Quest 3 announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Refinements to the formula are, however, promised, with the Gentlebros having previously teased a “newly refined combat system” with tighter attack combos and weapon swapping – plus the whole thing can either be played solo or co-operatively with a friend in tow.

So there you go; Cat Quest 3: Pirates of the Purribean – and its inevitable cavalcade of accompany cat puns – launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and Steam on 8th August. It’ll cost around £17.99, and a demo is available now on Switch if you want to dip your paws in early.


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