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Castlevania’s coming to vampire survival game V Rising in May

Vampire survival game V Rising is getting an official Castlevania collaboration, introducing vampire hunter Simon Belmont and a range of series-inspired cosmetics, in May.

V Rising’s Castlevania collaboration consists of two parts; legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont will be available as a boss fight for all players in the base game – anyone that manages to overcome his holy arsenal and defeat him unlocks the new whip weapon – and he’s accompanied by the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack DLC.


This paid cosmetic DLC enables players to give their vampiric castle hangouts a bit of a Castlevania makeover with decor and trimmings inspired by the series. This includes the option to use two classic series themes – reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova – as castle music. Additionally, the DLC includes new character customisation options inspired by familiar Castlevania characters, and a skeletal mount.

V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania Teaser Trailer

A teaser for V Rising’s Castlevania collaboration.

There’s no word on pricing for all this (developer Stunlock says it’ll have more to share “soon” in its announcement), but there is a release date: Stunlock has confirmed V Rising’s Castlevania collaboration arrives alongside the game’s 1.0 Steam launch on 17th May.

As detailed previously, V Rising’s 1.0 release brings some significant changes and additions, primarily focusing on its end-game. A PS5 version is also scheduled to arrive later this year.


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